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Dusty Summers

An active dancer, magician and emcee, Dusty Summers (“Las Vegas’ Only Nude Magician”) has appeared all over the United States and Canada throughout her over twenty-four years as an entertainer. An Arizona native, she has worked with such legendary booking agents as Jess Mack, Roland Muse, Sol Goodman and Wayne Keller as well as owned, operated and performed in her own clubs in San Angelo and Arlington, Texas.

A Las Vegas resident, she recently retired from her job as a pit boss at Circus Circus Hotel & Casino in Las Vegas, and is the author of three books: The Lady is a Stripper, How to be a Professional Stripper and The Golden G-String and previously wrote a column called “The Magical World of Burlesque” for the Vegas Visitor magazine.

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  1. Reply
    Forever Amber says:

    Hello Dusty!!

    I worked for you in San Angelo, Texas. Your husband got us all on stage to tie cherry stems. It was a fun time! I hope you get this.

    • Reply
      Dusty Summers says:

      It has been great fun re-connecting with you Forever Amber. You were always one of those elegant, sophisticated entertainers that I loved to work with!

  2. Reply
    Frosty Knight says:

    Well let’s see. I was a feature and you were my co-feature in Toledo Ohio for Rose la Rose. The agents you mention in here have been gone a long time. Those days were the fun days. I worked with Sally Rand, unfortunately only one time on her road show, infact she taught me a lot about fan dancing. We were called Exotic dancers because we could mesmorize a crowd by being true dancers with a real show. Today’s dancers have a lot to learn. It’s more than climbing a pole or a bump and grind. They come out with nothing on and the mystery has died. Thousands of dollars were spent on just one outfit, and if you were good it took you 20 minutes to take off.The ones I miss= Amber Rose, Alexandra the great 48, Sugar sweet, libby Jones, Blaze Star, how Sol Goodman loved her.

  3. Reply
    San Angelo Texas girl says:

    Hello Dusty,

    You worked 24 years as an entertainer!! My age is 23. Hahaha…

    However I your first picture is awesome. Steal you are an wonderful lady. 🙂
    I am not beautiful like you. hahaha…

  4. Reply
    Camille 2,000 says:

    Love me some Dusty, Remember her from the Good Ole Day’s. Always & sweet & cool chick. She’s Magically.

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    MOVERS, SHAKERS & INNOVATORS 2012 – Burlesque Hall of Fame says:

    […] to appear (lineup subject to change): Legends of Burlesque Camille 2000 and Dusty Summers Alotta Boutté (San Francisco, CA) Angi B. Lovely (Dallas, TX) Anita Cookie (San Diego, CA) […]

  6. Reply
    Zach in Montana says:

    I worked with you husband up in Montana. Ken from Kermit, TX. Had a relative from San Antonio, TX come up for a visit. He met Ken (who had on a Star of Texas) white dress shirt and there was instant TX kinship. It was fun to watch.

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    Zach in Montana says:

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  8. Reply
    Vena Isabella(Goldie) says:

    Dear Dusty:
    I was your light girl at the Maxim Hotel & Casino for the “Old Tyme Burlesque” show. I’m writing a book about interviews with strippers. I would love to interview you. I already have stories from some dancers u know. I’m really interested to read your books. Vena (Goldie)

  9. Reply
    Kat Damien says:

    Hi Dusty, Webbie & I came to your 10th anniversary in San Angelo. I was Kat Damien Miss Cosmopolitan of Burlesque. Happy to hear you have done well. So proud of you. I knew you had it in you. Take care.

  10. Reply
    Daniela says:

    I saw you yesterday at the Florida Burlesque Festival and it was inspiring! Keep it up, girl! You’re A-MAY-ZING!

  11. Reply
    colin ewen says:

    Dusty you are truly Spectacular. Wonderfully talented. A true entertainer.
    I do hope this finds you hail & hearty.

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