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Artifact donations are key to the Burlesque Hall of Fame’s development. The generosity of our supporters has helped BHoF become (and remain) the world’s most valuable burlesque resource. From Ann Corio to Zorita, our unique archive of photographs, costumes, stage props, and other items  provides academics and enthusiasts alike the opportunity to experience “burlesque as it was.”

There are, however, countless more stories of burlesque past (and present) worthy of acknowledgment in the Hall of Fame. As such, we seek to acquire appropriate objects for our collection through gifts from the general public, as well as amateur and professional memorabilia collectors. Burlesque enthusiasts and historians of every stripe–even the inadvertent–are always welcome to contribute to the Hall of Fame’s holdings and become an active participant in our future.

Objects submitted for acquisition will be reviewed by an  Acquisitions Committee, charged with accepting only those items of historic significance which support the Hall of Fame’s education and exhibition goals. Once their approval is given, gifted objects become property of The Burlesque Hall of Fame.

If you own an item that is relevant to burlesque’s rich history and you like to share it with future generations of enthusiasts, the Hall of Fame would like to hear from you. However, to ensure that we are able to properly evaluate your proposed donation, please be prepared to share the following information about your item(s):

  • Your name, address and phone number
  • A clear photograph of the item in question
  • A brief description, including dimensions and material
  • All available information on the object’s provenance, including approximate age, origin, and how it come into your possession
  • Any other information about the history of the object

Please do not send objects without contacting us first! Our acquisitions committee will contact you if we determine that we can accept your piece(s) into our collection.

We hope you will consider joining us in preserving the heritage and future of the unique, oft under-appreciated art of burlesque. All proposed donations will be considered, and may be addressed to:

The Burlesque Hall of Fame
attn: Archivist
PO Box 580
Las Vegas, NV 89125

Donations to the Hall of Fame may be tax-deductible to the full/fair market value of the objects donated.

Please Note: The Burlesque Hall of Fame and its staff cannot provide appraisals nor recommend specific individuals for the authentication, appraisal, or sale of prospective artifacts. Therefore, if you have an item in need of appraisal or authentication, please consult the International Society of Appraisers for a reputable appraiser near you.

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