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The BHoF Wall of Pasties

Three years ago, we offered founding donors a chance to immortalize themselves on the new museum’s Wall of Pasties. Donors names appear under sequined pasties, glittering crystal pasties, or under their own pair of pasties, creating a sparkling monument to our community of supporters. 

Since opening our doors last April, the Wall of Pasties has been not just a nice way to honor our supporters, it’s become an attraction in and of itself! Visitors are drawn to both the beautiful display of crystals and sequins shimmering in the light, and to the variety of personal expression on display in the donor-contributed pasties. You can tell a lot about a person by the pasties they wear!

Dozens of people have asked us how they can get their pasties on the wall, so for our Winter fundraiser, we’re going to give you a chance! The Wall of Pasties is mounted on panels, and we have room for two more panels – holding around 100-120 pairs. And for the original donors who would like to replace the pasties already on the wall with your own, or would like to change your name a listed, now is your time too!

Donate from now until March 1 to be added to the Wall of Pasties! It’s simple:

  • $250 donors can choose to be represented on the wall with either a pair of rhinestoned pasties created by professional costumers in the burlesque community, or your own pasties.
  • $150 donors will get a pair of sequined pasties on the wall, created by BHoF staff and volunteers.
  • $100 donors will get a name plate on the wall (without pasties).

If you donated in 2016 (thank you!) and would like to change how you’re represented on the Wall:

  • Donate $100 and we’ll swap the pasties currently up with either a rhinestoned pair or a pair of your own contributed pasties.
  • Donate $10 and we’ll change the name plate currently on the wall.

Our goal is to raise $20,000 and have the new Wall of Pasties up in time to celebrate our first anniversary in the new space this April! All proceeds support the museum, helping us plan new exhibitions and events, build our collection, and share the unique and glorious history of burlesque with new audiences.

So what are you waiting for? Go to or text PASTIES to 44-321 and donate today! And don’t forget to share on Facebook, Twitter, and everywhere else – the more support we get, the more we can do! Donations support new exhibitions, special events and public programs, acquisitions to build our collection, and more!  

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