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Revealing Images: Gigi La Femme

In Revealing Images, photographer Don Spiro dishes up sweet photographic treats and the stories behind them. Today, Don aims his lens at Gigi La Femme.

gigi lafemme by don spiro

Gigi La Femme recently posed for a series I’ve been working on using vintage 4 x 5 cameras and black and white Polaroid film, which has since been discontinued. She has the perfect pin-up figure, so in addition to this, I also shot some digital color pin-ups with a vintage flavor.

We had just shot some photos of Gigi with white ostrich plume fans and a pale blond wig, and when she changed into her red and white lingerie she kept the wig. I took the vintage press camera I had been using and set it up on an antique tripod as a prop, using a small rug as a tripod spreader. The set was a pale goldenrod wall and a hardwood floor.

I used a simple cross-light of two lights at forty-five degree angles to Gigi, bounced into reflective umbrellas. The one to the right of camera was a little below eye level, the one to the left was a little above, bouncing off the white ceiling and flooding the room with soft light, but still modeling the curves of her body.

I kept my camera distant and at the level of her waist to make her seem long and leggy. Having her pose with one knee crossed over the other to show off the lines of her legs, I asked her to place one hand on her hip, raise the camera cable release and smile at the camera as if she was taking a picture of me. Simple and elegant without any retouching, it is one of my favorite recent pin-ups.

–Don Spiro, The Candy Pitch, 12.21.10

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