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Relocation update: Leaving the Emergency Arts building

Artists rendering of 1st and Main

Greetings BHoF supporters!

Some of you may have already heard that IKE Gaming, Inc. – owners of the building at 520 Fremont Street in which the Burlesque Hall of Fame currently resides – has announced that they will be repurposing the property to house a new restaurant facility.

As a result, the Emergency Arts Center, tenant of the building and host to the Burlesque Hall of Fame since 2010, will be significantly reducing its footprint in the restructured building, and our space is among those that will be affected.

We expect to remain in Emergency Arts through late September, and are working closely with our Board of Directors to determine if we will re-open in a temporary location or if we will take a hiatus between this venue closure and the official opening of our new space in the Las Vegas Arts District, currently scheduled for the first quarter of 2017. While the reduction of Emergency Arts affects us, our plans to move are already well underway and there should not be any significant issues for us.

Be sure to follow us on social media for the latest updates! (Twitter: @burlesquehall, Facebook: TheBurlesqueHall)

We would like to thank the Emergency Arts center and IKE Gaming, Inc., for their support over the past decade.

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