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By the time she won Miss Exotic World in 1995 Pillow had been combining elements of classic striptease with a unique modern twist for nearly two decades while simultaneously becoming a champion bodybuilder.

Pillow began her burlesque career in 1976 in the standard sort of go-go clubs that featured bikini and lingerie clad or topless dancers. She soon developed her performances into “theme” turns, featuring elaborate costumes and choreography that she used to create a viable character she enacted during the dance. As the years went by, she became a legendary figure for her artistic and high-energy performances.

At the same time, she was a pioneering force in the development of women’s bodybuilding in the early 1980s, earning awards and recognition, including the Gold’s Classic Women’s Champion of 1983. Her competition posing routines not only influenced future women bodybuilders and fitness competitors, but her judging and critical writing of the sport in its early years were instrumental in its development into and acceptance as a legitimate enterprise for female athletes.

She came to Exotic World in 1991 and became a big supporter, devoting time, money, and ideas to the professionalizing of the museum and pageant, finally competing in 1993. She was thanked for her tireless efforts on behalf of Exotic World (including creating a video documentary) with a special award in 1996, the year after her crowning as Miss Exotic World.

Pillow continued to support Exotic World and graciously chose it for her farewell performance before her retirement from dancing in 2000.

Ben Urish


  1. Reply
    Robert Baum says:

    I know that some years ago Pillow had a website where she sold photos. I wonder if one of these days she will either put it back online or perhaps a fan should set up a site honoring her. I’d like to see more footage of her.

  2. Reply
    Earl Kubaskie says:

    The site came down because Pillow was working at an elementary school (just across our back fence) as a “Noon Duty”. Basically a babysitting job, watching over the kids as they did their lunch break/recess. Some of the kids discovered the website and the word was starting to spread.

    Pillow enjoyed the work, and there were some great kids at the school, but it just isn’t cool to have an 11-yo kid walk up and mention his collection of nekkid photos of you. Doesn’t really make them “respect your authoritie”.

    Heck, these days, in that situation she’d probably get arrested and have her name placed on a whole ‘nother website. I definitely prefer having Pillow live in MY house, rather than the BIG house.

    • Reply
      laura says:

      Hi Earl,

      Nice to hear from you! I certainly hope this page didn’t cause Pillow any problems. If so, please let me know and I will take it down. As much as I want everyone to know about her and her accomplishments (not to mention all she’s done for Exotic World/The Burlesque Hall of Fame), the last thing I want to do is make trouble.

      Take care,

      • Reply
        Robert says:


        If I may ask, might there be a more…extensive bio on Pillow in the future? I never really found much info on her in the bodybuilding magazines and I think that she should be commended for trying to stamp out the use of performance enhancing drugs in the sport.
        I hope that this message wasn’t an intrusion.

    • Reply
      Robert says:

      If I may ask, how is Pillow doing?

  3. Reply
    Earl Kubaskie says:

    No prob, this is a very nice one, and she’s not at the school any more. She IS volunteering at the senior center, so maybe it’ll bring some guys to her arts n crafts classes?

  4. Reply
    Earl Kubaskie says:

    And by the way, excellent job on the site. There’s been quite a bit of work done since I looked in last!

  5. Reply
    AlaskaFan says:

    The ADN Alaska Ear is suggesting congratulations are in order – best wishes to you and Pillow!

  6. Reply
    Nicole Bouvier says:

    I would like to say hello to you Pillow.
    This is the Alaskan Foxx
    I would love to chat with you.
    I am doing my last completion in Physique in April

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