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Twirl-A-Thon is HERE!

What has two Queens, an American Treasure, a fire twirler, and more tassels than you can twirl a stick at?⁣⁣That’s right, it’s TWIRL-A-THON!⁣⁣

Il.lustrated dancers twirl tassels and morph into one another

Join host Blanche Debris and three Very Special Guest Judges, Dirty Martini, Poison Ivory, and Desiré D’Amour, as they witness a ton of tassel twirling ENTIRELY FOR YOUR BENEFIT!⁣⁣

And for the benefit of The Burlesque Hall of Fame. Our Twirlers raised over $1000 in pledges and direct donations for the museum, using just the sweat of their… brows. ⁣⁣

So why are you reading this when you could be watching twirling bits? Go to right now and watch the show. For just $5, you get your very own streaming copy to watch again and again and again. And again.

⁣⁣Thank you to everyone involved for performing in and producing easily the best 30-minute unscripted drama of the 2020 programming season.

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