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Send Holiday Greetings to Burlesque’s Legends

Jennie Lee - Merry ChristmasThe holidays are coming, and The Burlesque Hall of Fame would like your help spreading holiday cheer to burlesque’s legends. We are holding our 4th Annual Legends Holiday Card Campaign, starting today, through December 8th. Send us your cards to the performers of burlesque’s classic era (labeled with the recipient’s name) and we’ll forward them to make sure they have a holiday filled with cheer!

If you want to help even more, donate unused postage stamps and holiday cards for others to send.

Please do not send trinkets or gifts. We will only be mailing cards.

You may drop off your cards, and donate stamps and unused cards, in person Tuesday through Saturday from 10am until 6pm at The Burlesque Hall of Fame, 1027 S. Main St. Unit 110 Las Vegas, NV 89101

Or you may mail them to:

The Burlesque Hall of Fame
attn: Legends Holiday Cards
PO Box 580
Las Vegas, NV 89125

You may send just one (addressed c/o Burlesque Hall of Fame) or a whole box of cards. If you’d like to send several cards, make sure you put their name and your return address on each envelope in case they want to write you back! Do not stamp them individually, as we will be bundling them with other cards for the same legend.

We must receive your cards by DECEMBER 8  to forward them, so please have them in the mail no later than December 4th.

Below is a list of performers for whom we have current addresses. Unfortunately, we cannot guarantee cards addressed to other legends will reach them.

Alexandra the Great 48
Alice Chan (GA Follies)
April Daye
April March
Arlene Dark Wing
Bambi Jones
Betty Rowland
Bic Carroll
Big Fannie Annie
Black Violet
Camille 2000
Chris Owens
Cindy Kay
Cynthia Yee (GA Follies)
Dee Milo
Delilah Jones
Diana Love
Dusty Sage
Dusty Summers
Eartha Quake III
Ellion Ness
Emily Chin (GA Follies)
Ezi Rider
Gabriella Maze
Gail Winds
Gaza Strip
Georgette Dante
Gina Bon Bon
Gloria Gee
Gypsy Louise
Holiday O’Hara
Holly Carroll
Hope Diamond
Isis Starr
Jean Idelle
Judith Stein
Julie Mist
Katie Lynch
KC Layne
Kim Gaye
Kim Summers
Kitten Natividad
La Savona
Lani Owyoung (GA Follies)
Lillian Poon (GA Follies)
Lilly Ann Rose
Linda Doll
Liza Jourdan
Lola Foxx
Lottie the Body
Lovey Goldmine
Madame E
Marie Annette
Marleen Luke
Patricia Chin
Penny Starr Sr
PJ Parker
Sandy McQueen
Satan’s Angel
Shannon Doah
Sunny Lee
Taffy O’Neill
Tai Ping
Tee Tee Red
Tempest Storm
Tess Larue
Tiffany Carter
Tina Pratt
Toni Elling
Tracy Storm
Trina Parks
Val Valentine
Velvet Ice
Viva La Fever
Ward Hall
White Fury
Yvette Paris

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