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Send Holiday Cards to Burlesque Legends

Jennie Lee HolidayHelp us make the Legends’ lives a little brighter this holiday season by sending cards for your favorite burlesque Legends. Now through December 10, we will be collecting cards to forward. Below is a list of Legends whose mailing addresses we currently have up-to-date (and we’re working on more!); you can send any of them a card by mailing it to:

[Legend’s Name]
c/o Burlesque Hall of Fame
PO Box 580
Las Vegas, NV 89125

If you’d like to send several together, send the whole package to “Legends” at the above address — make sure you put their name and your return address on each envelope!

Alice Chan (Grant Avenue Follies)
April Daye
April March
Arlene Dark Wing
Betty Rowland
Bic Carroll
Big Fannie Annie
Black Violet
Camille 2000
Cindy Kay
Dee Milo
Diana Love
Diane DeLys
Eartha Quake III
Ellion Ness
Emily Chin (Grant Avenue Follies)
Ezi Rider
Gail Winns
Gaza Strip
Gina Bon Bon
Gloria Gee
Gypsy Louise
Holiday O’Hara
Hope Diamond
Ivy Tam (Grant Avenue Follies)
Jan Minsk
KC Layne
Linda Doll
Lottie the Body
Marie Annette
La Savona
Lani Owyoung (Grant Avenue Follies)
Lillian Poon (Grant Avenue Follies)
Lilly Ann Rose
Marleen Luke
Patricia Chin
PJ Parker
Sandy McQueen
Sandy O’Hara
Satan’s Angel
Sheila Rae
Sunny Dare
Sunny Lee
Taffy O’Neill
Tai Ping
Tee Tee Red
Tiffany Carter
Tina Pratt
Toni Elling
Tempest Storm
Tracy Storm
Val Valentine
Velvet Ice
Viva La Fever
Ward Hall
White Fury



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    Linda Huddleston says:

    Val and I were friends in 60 and 70’s. I sang under the name Linda Lane. Would love to reconnect. My phone # is 1-812-817-7961. Thanks

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