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BHOF Weekend 2012: Apply NOW!


The application period for the 2012 Burlesque Hall of Fame Weekend is now open! Like last year, the online application is designed so that you can sign in and out, save your information, and work on it at your own pace. But this year, it’s even shorter, and there’s less to fill out! You can start your application now, just head over to

A few things to note:
• You must create an account with your email address in order to use the system. If you created an account in 2011, just use your same info to log in!
• There is no charge to create an account or start filling out an application– but you must pay the application fee prior to submitting your application.
• The deadline to apply is January 23, 2012. We are aiming to notify all applicants of their standing by early March.
• The rules and judging criteria are the same as before, but we’ve clarified them so that (hopefully) most any question you may have can be answered there. If you have any questions specifically about the application itself, please email 2012_AT_bhofapplication_DOT_com.

But that’s not all… there’s even more BIG news, just around the corner. So keep your eyes peeled, here at, on our Yahoo groupFacebook pageTwitter–wherever you get your BHOF news–because we have more big announcements coming soon! And don’t forget to mark your calendars and start planning your Vegas trips for May 31-June 3, 2012!


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    rosalynn la roux says:

    hi guys,

    i just messed up BIG time. this would be my first year applying for the DEBUT category and i missed the deadline application. i was out of town (ironically, in las vegas for the avn awards) and thought the deadline (was told by word of mouth) was at the END of the month, as in the 31st. all the hustle and bustle for getting ready for the awards show + work kept me off facebook all month long and lost track of all things social. i should have checked the website bc last night my friend asked me if i had submitted yet and i said “no, i have another week right?!” i was wrong. ACK!!!!!

    i totally realize this is MY fault, but is there a way i could still submit? i’ve been working really hard this year on my acts and costumes and would love to at least show you guys what i have to offer. i’m from the SF bay area hubba hubba revue troupe and over the past 20 months have worked my way up to principal dancer as someone who came out of nowhere with no lessons, just a ton of ambition and heart. now i perform almost 4x a month.

    i’ve been looking forward to BhoF all year and now i’m so sad i made such a stupid mistake in not getting my app in in time. Mig said if i didn’t debut this year he’d kick my ass and now he’s going to kick my ass all over again bc i missed the deadline. 🙁 i’m willing to pay double or triple the application fee for the inconvenience, it’s really not like me to overlook a simple detail like this, 2012 has just been crammed full of obstacles for me that have been a distraction as i’m normally extremely organized and on time. i take BhoF and my possible debut VERY seriously and i’d just really love it if you’d allow me to submit even tho i’m a liiiiittle tardy. i’m sure i’m not the only person who has been in this situation over the years? 🙂

    is there any chance i can pleeeeeeeeeeeeeease still send you my entry?
    pleeeeeeeeease? (kind of begging.)

    thanks and sorry! 😀

    Rosalynn la Roux,
    San Francsico, CA

    here is a link to my “White Diamond” Las Vegas style Show girl act. my signature style is fusing old school Les Folie Bergerie “feather hat” style showgirl dancing fused with traditional burlesque. i’m one of the only girls i know who has this style, i’ve even garnered the nickname “the showgirl” here in sf. i hope you guys please consider letting me still apply. xxoxo

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    Verity C says:

    OMG Burlesque Hall of Fame should really do a UK tour! There’s a growing market of people that would simply DIE to see burlesque here.

  3. Reply
    Private Tails says:

    I don’t know how I missed this–I looked every few days since january 1st. I’m really upset about this.


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