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BHOF Weekend 2012 Legends Challenge

Burlesque Hall of Fame Weekend is not only the world’s biggest and most prestigious burlesque gathering, it is also the longest running. Continuous since 1957, the weekend has its roots in Hall of Fame founder Jennie Lee‘s annual gathering of stars from the art’s heyday. Since Jennie’s passing in 1990, Dixie Evans has upheld that dream, growing the reunion from an informal, private gathering of retired exotics into the internationally renown four-day extravaganza now known as Burlesque Hall of Fame Weekend.

As Burlesque Hall of Fame Weekend has grown, so has our commitment to celebrating the women (and men) who made burlesque great. We are proud of our Living Legends—and we need your help to get as many of them as possible to Vegas this year.

We can’t spell “Burlesque” without “U”—so please: help us rock the BHOF WEEKEND LEGENDS CHALLENGE in 2012!

That’s right, we’re challenging members of the international burlesque community to show their love for our Living Legends by helping us raise money to help the museum offset the cost of sending them to BHOF Weekend this June. In today’s difficult financial climate, BHOF has very limited funds—and as such, our ability to cover travel costs for our honored guests has been severely compromised.

By holding a BHOF WEEKEND LEGENDS CHALLENGE BENEFIT, you’re not only personally helping send these superstars to Las Vegas, you’re ensuring the continued success of both BHOF Weekend and the world’s only burlesque museum itself!

Sure, but… what do I get out of it?

–You’ll be listed on our website as one of the official fundraisers.
–We’ll send you resources to help make your event as painless and profitable as possible, as well as help promote your event on Facebook and Twitter.
–For every $500 your event raises, you’ll receive one (1) ticket to a special event honoring our 2012 Titans during the BHOF Weekend.
–The three top fundraisers will be recognized on stage at Friday night’s Titans of Tease Reunion Showcase (“Legends Night”)
–You’ll experience the pride and joy of knowing that your hard work helped make a lot of sexy, spangled people (of all ages) very, very happy!

Help preserve, celebrate and honor the living history of burlesque, and join the Fundraising Challenge.

Okay, I’m in. But first, tell me…

Is there a minimum amount I need to raise?

There’s no minimum, but say “Aim High!” Our suggested goal: $1,000 per event.

Do you have any tips on how to produce a successful benefit?

Yes! Once you have signed up, we will send you a series of suggestions we’ve compiled to help you produce a fantastic benefit.

Is there a cut off for fundraising?

To participate in the 2012 challenge, you must hold your benefit before May 20, 2012 and deliver the proceeds NO LATER THAN by May 27, 2012.

I can’t hold an event – is there still some way I can help?

Yes! This community is known for their creativity, so have at it! Host a Legends Challenge bake sale, car wash, raffle . . . if you can think it up, you can make it happen! And you can always donate directly to the museum or show your support in other ways–for instance: support your local burlesque show, attend a fundraiser, donate your frequent flier miles, or volunteer to help.

How do I sign up?

If you would like to host an official 2012 BHoF Legends Challenge Benefit, please fill out this brief application, or email our 2012 Legends Challenge coordinator, Midnite Martini, at for more informationNOTE: You must have a confirmed date and location before we can promote your event as part of the 2012 Challenge.

Someone has already signed up to do a benefit in my city. Can I still do one?

Yes. The more, the merrier! But please coordinate with the other fundraiser(s) so the dates of your events don’t conflict.

Can I honor a specific Legend?

This has changed a bit from last year. Instead of sponsoring a specific Legend, we are asking participants to do their shows in their preferred Legend’s honor. (Example: Brown Girls Burlesque BHOF Legends Challenge, in honor of Jean Idelle.) Your honored Legend will be invited to attend BHOF weekend, and if they choose to attend, monies raised by the Challenge will be used to defray their travel and accommodation expenses.

You may also dedicate your show in memory of someone who is no longer with us, such as Jennie Lee, Lili St Cyr., Gypsy Rose Lee, or one of the amazing individuals we’ve lost in the past year: Candy Caramello, Diane Naegel, Joan Arline, Julie Vogt, or Lois DeFee).

How will my funds be used?

Please note that LC funds cannot be ear-marked for specific individuals at this time, but rather, all monies raised will be pooled, for fair apportioning based on the total amount raised, number of Legends attending, the cost of their travel, and other variables TBD (financial need, etc.). While we cannot guarantee a specific dollar amount to any one individual at this time, the goal of the Legends Challenge is to raise as much money as possible so that we can fairly and ethically assist as many of our Legends who need financial assistance as possible.



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    2012 Legends Challenge Events – Burlesque Hall of Fame says:

    […] thanks to all of the performers and producers who answered our call for participants in the 2012 Burlesque Hall of Fame Weekend Legends Challenge. We’ll be updating this list as new shows are added, so be sure to bookmark this page to find […]

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      Lamont Holliday says:

      Thanks to the BHOF,from Jean Idelle Burlesque Fan Dancer of the 1950″s….Jean is making preperations to attend the 55th anniversity with her two sons. its been 60 years since Jean has hit the big stage and the Burlesque passion is very much alive! Jean is looking forward to BHOF 2012 Legends challenge.

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