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World Record Burlesque?

I smell a challenge! Remember The Big Bump & Grind with the World’s Longest Boa? Well, reports that a troupe of Virgin Holiday staff and London-based burlesque enthusiasts attempted to set a record for the world’s largest burlesque dance in Trafalgar Square today. Did they succeed? The article didn’t say, but kudos to the intrepid dancers who braved the cold all the same…


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    Khandie Khisses says:

    I was one of the dancers/teachers along with Sharon Kay of Burlesque Baby and Sophia. We wont know if we got the record until later. Was good fun regardless.

  2. Reply
    Didi Curv'e says:

    Hi, I was there with Khandie and can concur it was a fabulous day, if a little nippy. I was also the lucky girl that won the trip to Vegas. We are planning to come out for the Burlesque Hall of Fame weekend.

    So if the London attempt isnt sucessful, maybe we could try again with you guys in Vegas? At least its warmer 🙂

    Didi x

  3. Reply
    Laura says:

    I guess it’s official: Congrats, ladies!

    • Reply
      sharon k says:

      OMG, thanks for posting that, didnt realise we actually got on that site fabulous x

  4. Reply
    Heidi says:

    We should try to break the record over the BHOF weekend – you could be the only dancer to perform in BOTH attempts!!!

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