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Tournament of Tease 2011: RESULTS


Reigning Queen of Burlesque 2011

Miss Indigo Blue

Indigo Blue - Reigning Queen of Burlesque 2011 (©Holli-Mae Johnson)

(©Holli-Mae Johnson)

First Runner-Up: Anna Fur Laxis

Second Runner-Up: Lily Verlaine


Best Boylesque: Captain Kidd

Best Debut: LouLou D’Vil

Best Group: The Stage Door Johnnies


Most Dazzling: Captain Kidd

Most Classic: Miss Indigo Blue

Most Comical: The Dolls of Doom

Most Innovative: Jett Adore




  1. Reply
    bkimages says:

    Massive cheer to Anna Fur Laxis from Yorkshire. Well done great job now time for a Cuppa

  2. Reply
    JessieRose says:

    AAAiiiii! Holy cow, Ames, you are the shizzle! XOXO Jessie

  3. Reply
    Tess Beck says:

    Big shout out to our national hero Captain Kidd – the boylesque boy wonder from Down Under. Congratulations Mark Winmill – you are an inspiration and the hottest brat under the sun. Luff. x

  4. Reply
    KJ says:

    I’ll start by saying that I have nothing invested in this year’s competition and have no reason to promote or talk down about any performers. But if it is really true that participating is more important than winning, then one should perhaps allow oneself to overlook the obvious politics involved in choosing this year’s winners. And I don’t mean the fact that they are all gay invididuals, as this probably wasn’t a factor. But the performer who had the BY FAR best number did not win, and the winner this year was, in all honesty, probably not even really in the top five in terms of the performance itself (although it was a lovely number, but not a winning number). Also several of the best performers were not even recognized at all, and instead someone who was just average won the second runner up. And like last year, the clear winner of the competition (or at least, the performer with the best performance by far) was only awarded second place. Perhaps less biased judges would be a good idea for next year’s festival, so that winners are chosen by the evaluation of that year’s performance, and not their “lifetime achievement”. Just a thought…

  5. Reply
    Oosha Boom says:

    Hats off to Jett Adore, the Stage Door Johnnies, and the Dolls of Doom!!! Chi-town represent! So proud to have worked with these amazing performers!

  6. Reply
    Frank "The Rat" says:

    Congrats to all the winners especially to Miss Indigo Blue!!!

    Paris and I had a BLAST!!! Got to see all our friends and family and added more friends and family to boot!

    Can’t wait til next year!!!

  7. Reply
    Johnny Smoke says:

    Anna Fur Laxis was by far and away the best act and should have won by a clear margin. The winner was not a bad act, but was by no means outstanding either. In fact, Miss Indigo Blue was no better or worse than many typical acts you see on burlesque nights at any given weekend in any average club night up and down the country. I don’t want to spoil her moment, but the accolade should have gone to a beter performer.

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