Black and white photo of burlesque dancer Zorita, nude save high heels and a corset held against her chest, laying on a teardrop-shaped settee which has been colored orange over the original image.

#MuseumAtHome: Burlesque Arrests

From its earliest arrival on US shores, burlesque has posed a challenge to local authorities charged with upholding local standards of “decency”. Whether it was women wearing men’s clothing (which was against the law in many municipalities until well into the 20th century) or women wearing not enough clothing (or

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The Exotic Dancers League

There wouldn’t be a Burlesque Hall of Fame and Museum if there hadn’t first been the Exotic Dancers League. As theatrical burlesque began its decline after WWII and the main venue for striptease moved to the nightclubs, striptease performers found themselves increasingly detached from the support networks the burlesque circuits

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