Frankie Fictitious MISS EXOTIC WORLD 2019 and MOST DAZZLING

Apply now to compete or perform in the 2020 BHoF Weekender!

The 2020 BHoF Weekender application season is now officially open! Apply now to compete in the 30th Annual Tournament of Tease or showcase your act in Movers, Shakers & Innovators. As in previous years, we will be using the fabulous online application system hosted on TroupeIT. Be sure to read

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Winners Interviews: Lou Lou D’vil, Best Debut

Finnish beauty, LouLou D’vil looks back on her BHoF 2011 experience… Congratulations LouLou! Did you imagine when you set off from Finland that you would return with a trophy? Thank you! I really didn’t expect to win, not at all! Are you keen to return and compete for Reigning Queen?

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