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BHOF Archive Relocation Project: Please Give!

At the beginning of July, the Burlesque Hall of Fame was informed that the building where the vast majority of our collection is stored would be seized under eminent domain for the widening of Interstate 15, Las Vegas’ main interstate artery.

This sudden, unexpected development is not one our modest operating budget can easily cover.  At a minimum, the collection must be inventoried and each piece examined, packed for transit, moved, and then re-inventoried and re-examined. And of course, we want to do more than the minimum.

While the timing of this new move is far from ideal (you can barely move your arms in Las Vegas in August, much less a museum), it presents an ideal opportunity for us to not just continue to shelter the collection in “suspended animation” but to fully revive it, by upgrading to facilities where we can access, study, and restore these priceless historical treasures.

Our goal, above and beyond simply protecting our collection, is to provide the facilities our collection deserves: a larger space to accommodate new acquisitions, with shelves and racks for properly organizing everything, archival-quality storage materials to store it in, and suitable environment to work in.

On July 23, BHoF launched a fundraising campaign to raise funds to help us move our collection to upgraded facilities. Our goal is to raise $20,000 by August 31. Visit our campaign page on IndieGoGo to pledge your support and follow our campaign, and please spread the word widely through Facebook, Twitter, and wherever else you express yourself online. With your help, we can come one step closer to the museum our collection — and the legacy of burlesque — deserves.

Visit for more information and to donate today!

Our supporters

Please join us in thanking the following people, whose generous support has enabled the Burlesque Hall of Fame to protect its collection and continue to grow. It is a pleasure to work with a community of such caring, committed people.

Adam Krandle
Alissa Lovering
Allen Lee
Allie J Carr
Allix Mortis
Alyssa Kitt
Amanda Farrar
Amber Ray Cutting
Amelia Facchin
Anais Thomassian
Angela Lester
Anna Cornell-Pape
April O’Peel
Arielle Rombough
Ashleah Davis
Ashley Riley
Aspen Fire
Ava Noir
Aviva Rosnick
Bambi Galore
Bambi The Mermaid
Bella Blue & The New Orleans School of Burlesque
Bella de Jac
Bernard Ryan
Bertrand Lalonde
Brad French: That Juggling Guy
Brian Waletzko
Briana Bluebell
Brigit Bannerman
Brook Alviano
Ms. Bunnycakes
Cameron Obscura
Camille Sands
Candy del Rio
Cassandra Moselle
Celeste Cordova
Cha Cha Velour
Champagne Sparkles
Charlotte Campbell
Cherokee Rose
Cherrie Sweetbottom
Cherry Lush
Cherry Typhoon
Chris Doyle
Christopher L Bolt
Christopher Reed
Cindy Adkisson
Coco Lectric
Coppelia Jane
Corinne Lavallée
Cory Petit
Crystal Dawn
Dame Cuchi
David Kamada
David Williams
DC-Baltimore Area Burlesque & Variety
Deborah Farthing
Delia Barnett
Della Dare
Deepa De Jour
Diamond Minx
Diana Rhodes
Diane Naegel (In Memory)
Dinah Lofgren
Dizzy Swank
Dizzy Von Damn
Doctor Lucky
Don Spiro
Dottie Dynamo
Dottie Lux
Dottie’s Delights
Ed Barnas
Elizabeth Cortez
Elizabeth E. Rieur
Erica Newman
Eve Ninon
Fanny Tastic
Fawn Douglas
Femme Brulée
Flo Foxworthy
Miss Frankie Valentin
Freya Potempa
Gemma Stone
GiGi Holliday
Gin Minsky
Glenn Marcus
Grace Cherry
Greta Grenade
Hannah Baweja
Harlean Carpenter
Heather Coutts & Liberty City Kings
Heather Wilson
Hell’n Fury & Drew Blood
Hideo Sonewaki
Holli-Mae Johnson
Holly J’adoll
Honey B. Goode
Honey Lawless
Ida Claire
Immodesty Blaize
Infamous Nina Nightshade
Iva Handfull
Iza la Vamp
Jacqueline Hyde
Jamie Stratton
Jane Wiggs
Jaye MacAskill
Jennifer Dietrich
Jennifer Fitzpatrick
Jennifer Johnston
Jennifer Kincaid
Jennifer Whitehair
Jerry McKinney
Jessica Halem
Jessica McHugh
J.H. Williams III
Jolie Goodnight
Jon Bass & Katrinia Birkhoff Olver
Jorge Saucedo
Kaitlyn Regehr
Kathryn Trickett
Kita Cyr
Miss Kitty Baby
Kristina Canizares
Kristina Goolsby
La Divina Productions
La Maia Burley-Q
Lady Ginger
Lady Zombie Domina
Laurenn McCubbin
Leela Corman
Lilith Mitchell
Lissa Townsend Rodgers
Lola Spitfire
Loretta Jean
Lorien Gruchalla
Mab Mab
Madeleine Geraghty
Maila Mustang
Mary Ioli
Matthew Hicks
Megan White
Melanie Bruyer
Melissae Bletisan
Melissa Bradshaw
Michael Gerard
Michelle Baldwin
Michelle L’amour and the Chicago Starlets
Michelle McCall
Midnite Martini
Minx Arcana
Missy Aggravation
Miyuki Divine
Murray Bundy
Nadine Thornhill
New York School of Burlesque Showcase
NicCole Weinberg
Nicole Davis
Nikita Bitch Project
Ohio Burlesque Festival
Olatsa Assin
Paige Walter
Patte Rosebank
Paula Sjunneson
Phaedra Wells
Philip Martoglio
Phyllis Peterson
Pimento Loaf
Pinky DeVille
Pixie Trix
Queertini Time
Red Devotchkin
Red Herring
Rhonda Davis
Richard Just
Rick Priest
Ri Ri SynCyr
Rita Star
The Ruby Revue
Sable Switch
Sailor St Claire
Sandra Campos
Sara Cromyak
Sarah Hedlund
Sarah James
Sauda Namir
Scarlett Letter
Scarlett O’Hairdye
Sin City Gallery
Sinner Saint Burlesque
Sparkle Plenty
Sparkly Devil
Stacey Ness
Stella Cheeks
Stephanie Calloway
Steve Smith
Sticky Buns Burlesque
Sydni Deveraux-Bokma
Teddy Mickey
Tennie Novak
Miss Tiffany Blue
Tina Prause
Miss Titania
Todd Gardner
Toy ToysChest
Vancouver International Burlesque Festival
Velma Candyass & the Dead Doll Dancers
Venus DeMille
Vesper White
Violet DeVille
Vivien Schremp
Wendy Williams
William Bates


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