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Museum Closure Update

Photo of museum wall stripped of drywall with exposed wiring and cinder block.
[IMAGE DESCRIPTION: A corner between a full-height wall and a shorter wall. The shorter wall is pink. The cinder block and wiring of the wall are exposed, with a 3-switch light switch panel in the center connected to several conduits. WIres hang down and electronic pieces lay atop the shorter wall to the left. To the right are three large window panes, one atop the other, on the outside of which are images of burlesque posters, illuminated by outside light. ]

We are sorry to announce that the museum is still closed following the rooftop fire in our building on July 20th. Construction is taking far longer than we had initially estimated, and will continue for at least the next two-three weeks.

After removal of the contaminated drywall, flooring, ceiling tiles, and other material, the space was thoroughly dried using heated blowers, and then the remaining structure was treated to prevent the future growth of mold or bacteria. After testing, it was determined that the entire space needs to be treated to remove soot and other particulate contaminants, which involves surface cleaning as well as fogging the space with ozone, a multi-day process. We are currently awaiting insurance approval for this to go forward.

Once the space is decontaminated, contractors will restore the floor, walls, and ceilings to their original appearance, and then our staff will re-install the exhibitions which were removed for their protection last month. And then we will be ready to reopen.

We miss welcoming visitors into our space every day, and hope those of you who were unable to come during this closure will return next time you’re in town. Thank you all for your patience and support during this ordeal.

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