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Movers, Shakers & Innovators 2012

How do you set the tone for the wildest weekend in burlesque? With a dazzling array of fiercely original acts from the international forefront of modern burlesque–capped by a duo of legendary ladies whose cutting-edge creativity paved the glittering way for today’s MOVERS, SHAKERS & INNOVATORS!

Scheduled to appear
Diamondback Annie (Los Angeles, CA)
Tigger! (New York, NY)
The Cosmic Queen of Burlesque, Camille 2000
Dusty Summers, The Nude Magician
Alotta Boutté (San Francisco, CA)
Angi B. Lovely (Dallas, TX)
Anita Cookie (San Diego, CA)
Audrey DeLuxe (Los Angeles, CA)
Bazuka Joe (Chicago, IL)
Blue Morris (Vancouver, Canada)
Briana Bluebell (Sydney, Australia)
Cherry Typhoon (Japan)
Creamed Stu (Brooklyn, NY)
The Dolls of Doom (Chicago, IL)
Ginger Valentine (Dallas, TX)
Hunter S. Johnson (Vancouver, Canada)
Inga Ingenue (Seattle, WA)
Iva Handfull (Seattle, WA)
Lula Houp-Garou (Dallas, TX)
Melody Mangler (Vancouver, Canada)
Midnite Martini (Denver, CO)
Minnie Tonka (Brooklyn, NY)
Red Hot Annie (Chicago, IL)
Sammich the Tramp and Lola van Ella (St. Louis, MO)
… and special, surprise guests!

Stay tuned for more info or go ahead and book your room, buy your tickets, and prepare to have your mind blown on Thursday, May 31!

surlie temple by leila navidi


  1. Reply
    Camille 2,000 says:

    I am so looking forward to this shoe this year.
    I am dedicating my performance to all the Neo-Burlesque Star’s in New York City, that organized the fund raiser for my trip. Champagne for everyone. Please stop by & introduce your self to me, I will have red hot’s for everyone.
    The girl for yesterday, today & tomorrow.

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