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Congratulations to our 2022 Living Legend Award recipient, Gina Bon Bon!

We are thrilled to announce that Gina Bon Bon has been selected to receive the 2022 Living Legend Award, to be presented during this year’s BHoF Weekender. The Living Legend Award is given each year in recognition of both a performer’s active career and their continued achievements as a mentor, teacher, and icon in the burlesque community.

Gina Bon Bon performs at BHoF Weekender in 2018
Gina Bon Bon performs at BHoF Weekender in 2018 [IMAGE DESCRIPTION: A woman in gold lamé dress with zebra-stripe pattern walks forward on stage. She is holding her arms our, suspending a cape of the same material. Her hair is red, she is smiling, and she wears a large necklace of white crystals. Purple and green stage lights shine down from above, and behind her is a black background with scattered lights like a starry sky.]

Born in Cuba, Gina Bon Bon started out her career as a rhumba dancer. Her career as a burlesque dancer started in 1965 when she was a chorus girl at Lou Walter’s Latin Quarter in New York City as a member of the Latin Fire all-Latin Revue. From there she moved on to be a featured dancer on burlesque circuits all over the United States and Canada. In 1976 she was the star of Minsky’s Follies at the Playboy Club in Chicago, and she co-starred in the hit HBO musical revue Burlesque, USA with Red Buttons, Robert Alda, and Tempest Storm.

While she officially retired from dancing in 1991, she continued appearing in television and theater. Gina’s films roles include appearances in Going Home with Robert Mitchum, Telethon with Red Buttons, and Fever Pitch with Ryan O’Neal .She has also appeared on TV including The Montell Williams Show, El show de Cristina (Univision) and The Nick Clooney Show. She created and headlined numerous Las Vegas stage shows including Space Fantasy, Nude Playmates, and The Gina Bon Bon Show.  

Throughout her career, Gina Bon Bon has performed with Tempest Storm, April March, Bambi Jones, Chili Pepper, Honey West, Ezi Ryder, Dusty Summers, and Camille 2000, among other headlining entertainers and BHoF Weekend regulars. She has worked for such legendary agents as Al Baker Jr., Jess Mack, Dick Richards, and Ross Russell, and was a muse to renowned costumers including Hedy Jo Star and Bruno the Fantastic.

Gina currently lives in Las Vegas and has become an artist and costumer, creating a collection of paintings of stars of burlesque and her own line of stage costumes.

Photos of Gina Bon Bon

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