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BHoF Presents: Twirl-A-Thon! Raise money doing what you do best: twirling tassels!

Twirl your tassels for a good cause!

Jennie Lee and Tubby Boots twirl tassels together. Text reads "Burlesque Hall of Fame (Virtual) Twirl-A-Thon" and then there's some text that's better done in the article.

Join the Burlesque Hall of Fame for the first-ever (virtual) Twirl-a-Thon! How long can you twirl your tassels? 30 seconds? 3 minutes? 3 HOURS?!?!? Set your own challenge, gather pledges (in dollars per minute), and film yourself twirling for all you’re worth!

Three amazing twirlers will be selected as winners for:

  • Longest Twirl, the Dizzymaker!
  • Most Money Raised, Mx. Moneybags!
  • And Best Twirler, the Hurricane of the Quarantine, selected by our SPECIAL GUEST JUDGE, winner of the 2003 Great Twirl-Off at Exotic World, MISS DIRTY MARTINI!!!!

Each winner will receive a pair of handmade rhinestoned pasties from Glorious Pasties by Cheeky Cheetah!

Glorious Pasties logo
Thank you to our prize sponsor, Glorious Pasties!

Here’s how to enter:

  1. Go to and register as a participant.
  2. Share your personal link with all your friends, family, co-workers, fellow parishioners, passers-by, anyone with a buck in their pocket and a passion for the spinning arts, and ask them to pledge to support your twirl. (Pledges will be taken in dollars/minute; twirls will be rounded to the nearest quarter minute for pledge fulfillment.)
  3. Film yourself twirling like your favorite museum depends on it (because it does!). Please twirl to James Brown’s “”Night Train” ( so we can easily sync up all the videos with music.
  4. Upload your video to
  5. Enter your final time on your page at
  6. Your pledges will be automatically billed after the show is streamed on June 20 and all twirl times are certified.

There is no fee to enter, but all twirlers must have at least $1 pledged to be included in the streaming show. By entering, you are consenting to have all or part of your video streamed as part of the show on June 20 and remaining online after that forever and ever and ever.

So get out there* and do this dumb thing! Do it for BHoF! Do it for prizes! Do it for YOU!

Please twirl responsibly. Or slightly irresponsibly. But not so irresponsibly that you hurt yourself. You could put an eye out with those things! BHoF is not responsible for any injuries suffered as a result of this event. We are only responsible for the joy and sense of accomplishment.

*Please do not “get out there”. Stay inside for your safety and the safety of literally our whole civilization.

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