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Peer Review

Peer Review is an opportunity for performers to receive valuable constructive criticism on their acts. A performer’s act may be presented in any stage of readiness inside the museum’s studio. Performers will be given a chance to explain their act and ask for specific or general feedback from a panel of critics. Performers will receive written feedback from all critics and, time permitting, some verbal feedback, as well. One valuable rule we ask all performers to follow strictly is to be silent while receiving feedback.

Critics are encouraged to provide thoughtful and supportive constructive criticism. Critics must be from within the community such as performers, instructors or producers.

RSVP in advance to reserve your spot as a peer presenter or a peer critic by marking that you are “GOING” to this event. You will be prompted to answer questions on whether you’d like to present or critique an act as well as confirming why you are a burlesque peer. There is no admission charge for this event. $5 suggested donation.

The next Peer Review is Sunday, December 8th 4pm-5:30pm. If you have any questions please contact the Peer Review moderator, Buttercup Burlesque

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