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Becoming a BHoF Board Member

Being a BHoF board member is both an honor and a responsibility. BHoF board members are important ambassadors for the museum to the public, and represent the mission and values of the organization. Our board provides oversight for the organization, advising the director and monitoring the programmatic, financial, and public relations health of the organization. In addition, the board drafts, approves, and/or updates the central policies that direct the organization’s operation, from the bylaws, mission statement, code of ethics, and other policies that define the museum’s long-term identity, to the strategic plan and annual budgets that outline the museum’s immediate and mid-term goals.

We seek active, passionate people both inside and out of the burlesque community to serve on the board. We believe our organization is at its strongest when our board represents a wide breadth of experience and talent. While experience in nonprofit administration, museums and academia, financial oversight and fundraising, nonprofit law, and other relevant areas are desirable, so too are a demonstrated commitment to the mission and ideals to which we as an organization and as part of our various communities are dedicated. Most of the skills a board needs to function can be learned, but not the passion to serve!

How to apply

In our sincere effort to successfully recruit a qualified and diverse slate of candidates, we have developed a comprehensive selection process. The selection process is outlined in the steps listed below.


While we only actively recruit new members two to three times per year, we accept applications anytime during the year. We will make the deadline for our next application period known via social media and through our Newsletter “The Bazoomer”; please look for those announcements if you are considering applying or have already applied and are wondering when we might be in contact.

Communication and Feedback

Once the deadline for an application period has occurred, we will reach out to candidates to schedule interviews. If we do not feel an applicant is the right fit at the time of the application period, the application will receive a message saying so. It is possible in any application period that we would receive an overwhelming number of applications and are unable to respond to all in a timely manner. We appreciate your patience with the process.

Steps of the application process:

  1. Carefully review the BHoF Board Membership Application (PDF: 133k), Board Member Commitment Statement (PDF: 572k) and Board Member Conflict of Interest Policy (PDF: 119k), and be familiar with the mission and values of BHoF. All of these documents can be found on the BHoF website.
  2. Complete the electronic application in full and email to All applications must be received electronically by the current due date in order to be considered in that application period. If there is no due date listed, we are not actively seeking new Board members. You may turn in an application anyway and it will be considered in the next selection period.
  3. The Governance Committee will carefully review and assess all applications and will select a number of candidates for further consideration. Depending on the number of applicants, this may take several weeks. We will try to update all candidates if the process is taking longer than expected.
  4. The Governance Committee will conduct first-round candidate phone, virtual or, where possible, in-person interviews. These will be conducted based on scheduling between the Committee and candidates. If necessary, the Governance Committee will  select one or more candidates for a second round of interviews. The Governance committee may also conduct some other evaluation process, to be determined, again based on mutually agreeable scheduling.
  5. The Governance Committee will then select a one or more candidates to attend a Board meeting, either by conference call or in person during our annual meeting. This will be scheduled based on the next Board meeting and may not cater to the applicant’s scheduling. If there is a conflict we may defer to the next Board meeting. If the applicant cannot attend a Board meeting within three (3) months of the first invitation, we may pass on the applicant and look at an alternate.
  6. After the applicant has attended a Board meeting and completed any other requirements we may identify in the future, the Board will vote on the applicant. This will occur within three (3) months of the applicants attendance on a Board call.
  7. If the Board votes to elect the applicant as a Board member, the applicant will receive an official invitation from a member of the Governance Committee via phone or email communication.
  8. The new Board member will receive an orientation through telephone or other virtual communication, The new member will also be expected to attend their first Board meeting within two (2) months of their election date.
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